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About Archal


Early Years

I loved arts and crafts growing up. When I was about ten years old, I started doing henna on my mom and myself. My journey as a henna artist started with the simple joy of watching skilled hands create magic with henna paste. What began as a childhood fascination evolved into a lifelong passion. What I love most about being a henna artist is the ability to transform fleeting moments into timeless memories. Whether adorning hands for celebrations, weddings, or simply for the joy of self-expression, every henna session is a unique story written in intricate patterns. My artistic endeavors took flight in 2020 as I delved into the magic of mixing henna paste and mastering the art of the cone.

As A Henna Artist

Through the years, I honed my skills, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and blending traditional motifs with contemporary flair. The canvas of my career expanded beyond family gatherings and cultural events, as I began sharing my passion with a broader audience. Workshops, exhibitions, and social media became my platforms for connecting with kindred spirits who shared a love for the ephemeral beauty of henna. Each henna session is an opportunity to create a personal masterpiece. As I continue to navigate this ever-evolving landscape, my hands remain steady, and my heart remains passionate.

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